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We are a company rooted in the transformation of the glucose molecule, the cleanest and most efficient energy source found in nature. Planting and harvesting of the sugar cane, extracting and boiling of the sugar cane juice, and distilling of the alcohols are only some of the sophisticated processes that take place every day in our fields and plants to make this natural bio-fuel available for human consumption and utilization in the form of sugar, molasses, and industrial bio-fuels. Rice and protein also form part of our expanded products catalogue. Our experience and philosophy guide us to constantly strengthen our knowledge, innovate and establish collaborations to effectively channel natural sources of bio-energy.

We are proud to be one of the leading producers in Costa Rica and the employer of more than 750 people in the Guanacaste area.

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Taboga is a sugarcane-derivatives producer with a history of 60 years. Our catalog comprises varied types of sugar and molasses, alcohol, protein for animal feed, and electricity. Our strict production policy rules all our activities, ensuring that we comply with the highest standards of food safety, human development, and environmental sustainability.

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Taboga has adopted a model of excellence in its production processes, which is reflected in the certifications we hold: Blue Ecological Flag, EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), Kosher-Ethanol, Kosher-Sugar, FSSC 22000 and ISCC. Such certifications acknowledge our collaborators´ daily efforts aimed at our consumers as the recipients of our commitment to excellence.


EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) is a certification that identifies us as a company committed to the protection of the environment seeking to fulfill objectives such as:

  • Acting on climate change.
  • Improving air quality.
  • Ensuring the safety of chemicals.
  • Taking part in clean-up activities within our communities.
  • Expanding the conversation on environmentalism and working for environmental justice.

Kosher means "appropriate" and refers to all foods that comply with the biblical and Talmudic regulations of the Jewish law.

It is carried out at the production plant by a certificate supervisor and ensures that the products comply with the required regulations.

The FSSC 22000 certification is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) and is based on existing ISO standards. FSSC 22000 confirms that Taboga has a robust food safety management system to meet our customers and consumers´ requirements. It also defines requirements for integrated processes jointly implemented to control and minimize food safety risks. This certification is based on the ISO standard internationally accepted for the audit and legitimization of food safety in the food and beverage manufacturing sector. It uses the current ISO 22000, ISO 22002-1 standards and the additional requirements of the FSSC 22000. FSSC 22000 reflects our organization's efforts to maintain a system that is meant to continuously improve its performance.

The International Sustainability & Carbon Certification (ISCC) is one of the most important accreditations when highlighting our commitment as a company engaged with the environment. The objective of ISCC is to establish an international, practical and transparent guidance system for biomass and bioenergy certification. ISCC is oriented to:

  • The reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • The sustainable use of land.
  • The protection of natural biospheres.
  • Social sustainability.

On December 30, 2010, Taboga became the first Latin American company to be granted this certificate.

The `Blue Ecological Flag` is an award or recognition granted annually by a national interinstitutional Commission. It acknowledges the effort and voluntary work in the search for conservation and development, consistent with the protection of natural resources, the implementation of actions to tackle climate change, the search for better hygienic-sanitary conditions and the improvement of public health for Costa Rican citizens.

Taboga falls into the `Agricultural Category,` its objective being the promotion of best practices within the production processes towards the sustainable management of natural resources.

The country brand `Essential Costa Rica` aims to generate competitiveness among Costa Rican companies and increase quality standards. Additionally, it aspires to create a community of licensed companies that are worthy representatives and share the values of the country brand, ultimately promoting business in Costa Rica and abroad. `Essential Costa Rica` organizations undergo an assessment protocol covering five values: sustainability, excellence, Costa Rican origin, social progress, and innovation.

Essential Costa Rica` is granted by the Promoter of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica (PROCOMER). Taboga is licensed in the `Agricultural Category` promoting and complying with best practices in sustainability, excellence, social progress, and innovation.

What's new


October 2019

Taboga earned BONSUCRO international certification

This certification was achieved after a nearly two year-process of improvements to the production and chain of custody systems and the successful completion of a thorough certification audit.

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22th October 2019

Taboga welcomes new Human Resources manager

As a company with great goals, Taboga aims to continue producing the highest quality products for our customers both in Costa Rica and in the international markets. We are thus honored to announce the hiring of Shirley Romero, an experienced human resources professional.

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September 2019

Taboga organic products certified to enter the US market

Taboga´s sugar and molasses have gained access to the U.S. market thanks to the new National Organic Program (NOP) organic certification obtained this week.

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    Our commitment

    We embrace sustainability in a broad sense and are thus committed to work closely with governmental and non-governmental institutions and have a positive impact on the communities, our collaborators and their families` lives, our society, and the environment.
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    Our commitment

    Our sustainability programs are an essential part of our development plans, with projects such as:

    • Prevention programs on the risks of kidney disease, including the "Healthy Kidney Week".
    • Community-based activities and donations.
    • Water-saving Program.
    • Volunteering programs.
    • Formal education and training.